Question *UPDATE* Audio artefacts when display is on 23 hz

May 25, 2021
I use my computer with a RTX 3070 ti to watch movies on my LG OLED C9. The player is MPC-HC + MadVR on Windows 10.

When I'm watching a video with the TV set to 23 hz to reduce judder, I'm having some strange audio artefacts, like low cracks. Sometimes the audio goes mute for less than one second. With the display set to 60 or 120 hz this doesn't happen.

What I tried that didn't fix the problem:
  • Disabling G-sync
  • Using a different player (WMP)
  • Changing output dynamic range and output color depth on nvidia control panel
  • Uninstalling nvidia driver using DDU on security mode and installing a different one
  • Using a diferent HDMI cable
  • Using two different amplifiers connected to the tv through toslink
  • Using the TV speaker
  • Changed to 24 hz
My monitor can't be set to 23hz, but using the TV on 23hz with the audio directly throught the computer fix the problem, so I think this is somehow related to a possible nvidia audio driver bug, but I'm not sure because I reinstalled the drivers.

It is my nvidia card, because using another computer that have an MX 150 solves the problem, so it is related to the nvidia high definition audio driver. I will talk to nvidia directly.
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