Question Update Dell Laptop Keyboard Firmware?

Oct 9, 2019
Never posted before, but used Tom's for any number of answers. Hope I can find one for this, cuz I'm at my wit's end.

I recently acquired 3 Dell Precision M6800 workstation laptops. Only one came with a keyboard. When I switched the keyboard from one laptop to the next for testing purposes, it worked flawlessly in all three. However, when I took known good keyboards from other laptops (Latitude e6540, Precision M2800) with the same part number (Dell P/N 564JN), they didn't work in any of the M6800s - can't access BIOS, the backlight won't turn on, nothing.

I've tried updating to the latest BIOS (A25), which did nothing, so I tried downgrading to the first BIOS available on the Dell support site (A03). Still nothing. I then thought that since the keyboard isn't recognized, maybe it isn't updating the keyboard (if it even does that).

So I flashed to the latest BIOS of the e6540 where the keyboard works, then switched it back to the M6800. Still doesn't work. Of course I sold the first one with working keyboard, so I can't check for specific revisions on the working keyboard.

Does anyone know if Dell BIOS updates even update keyboard firmware? Or is there another solution that I haven't considered? I'm serious here, no idea is too crazy.
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