Question (Update)PC no longer booting properly after restart

Jul 30, 2020
last night I put my computer to sleep before heading to bed and this morning I went to turn it on by tapping the keys and it did not respond so now I think to myself oh I should just restart real quick so I restart it and It does nothing, black screen. So I unplug my monitor from the GPU into the CPU and I’m about to enter bios, everything is going well from here. I boot to windows from this screen and it gives me the “automatic repair” screen and takes me to another screen that says “restart or advanced settings” I do this about 10 more times and nothing changes. If I try to boot to windows it starts to load and then goes unresponsive, I get the TUF gaming screen and then it goes black. I checked my bios and the GPU doesn’t seem to show, I ran a diagnostic/fixer nothing changed. I did a soft reset(or restart) from a saved point (7/27) and nothing changed. Please help I feel crazy!!!! I’ve been issue free with this build since March, I don’t understand what happened.
I cleared the CMOS and the display stopped through the CPU/Mobo. Then I unplugged the GPU power and booted up— it works! So I tested it again. Plugged up the rig how it was: nothing. Plugged the display into the CPU/mobo and: Automatic Repair screen. Unplugged GPU and started up loads to windows no problem and applications running normal with the exception of getting a windows pop-up about graphics command center not being able to work.

so now my question is: is my GPU junked or is this some Windows malarkey?

running windows 10
With an intel i7
Asus TUF Z-390 mobo
Sapphire pulse rx-580 GPU
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