Question Update SSD firmware?

Apr 1, 2022
Hello folks

What's the word on SSD firmware updates?
I've just built a new PC with Samsung 2TB 980, and Magician is telling me that there is a firmware update available.
I'm currently on 3B2QGXA7, and the new version is 5B2QGXA7.
Has anyone updated to this new firmware? Should I?
I've just built this PC so I like the idea of everything being up to date from the get go, but I'm not sure.

Be interested to hear your thoughts.

On a running system, I would not update firmware.
I would do so, only if I knew it fixed a problem I was having.

On a new build you could flash since you can just replace the unit if anything should go wrong and not really lose anything.

Most of the time, the updates are for minor issues that you will never see.