Question Update Win 10 v. 1903 to 2004?


Dec 30, 2008
Hi all,
I'm currently running Windows 10 v.1903 and wanted to get a consensus on 2004. I mainly use my PC for video encoding and that's it. Best to leave all well alone or any advantages/benefits to 2004?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.


I've said this on another thread, m personal machine and the machines of others I'm given to take a look at as well as the people I know here and beyond, all are on 2004. I'd suggest you backup any and/or all data that may be critical to you and then proceed with the update(reinstall). After backing up data, I'd advise on making sure you're on the latest BIOS update prior to the update.

The matter is that Windows 10 requires you to be up to date to ensure stability.


Win 10 Master
1903 isn't even due for replacement yet.

Microsoft supports 3 versions of win 10 at all time, meaning even if you were on 1903 now, there is no reason to update for another few months anyway. Cumulative updates exist for all 3 versions. If your PC hasn't offered 20o4 to you yet, there might be a reason such as drivers not being available for all hardware. There will slowly over time be more PC's that can't update to next version as support for the hardware is removed.

I see that a lot with Wifi Adapters.

So age of PC is a valid reason to not rush out and get 2004 right away... but any pc made in the last 6 years should be okay unless its using weird parts.


I just updated a 2 year old Dell laptop (Inspiron 5570 I5, 8 GB, everything on SSD) from 1903 to 2004. I haven't seen any problems. I will say that it took 2 hrs 16 min. to do the update. I hate to think how much longer it would've taken with a 5400 rpm HDD!
Let me just add that I agree with Colif's comments that I was seeing cumulative updates to Windows before doing the update to 2004, so I wasn't real concerned about getting behind on Windows maintenance. I just figured I was ready to get up to date with the 2004 version since it appeared to be working OK for most everyone.