Question Updating a AMD bios


You may need a temp AMD CPU, but you have a couple of options to avoid buying it yourself:

Option 1: Ask the retailer you're buying it from to update the BIOS for you, if you're buying it from an online store, chances are it's already updated to the latest version. But you should ask on their customer comments section anyway if possible.

Option 2: AMD has a 'lending' policy where if you need to borrow a 2nd or 1st gen AMD Ryzen to update the bios they will send you one as a lender to update your board.

Other solutions and the CPU lending application is in this link.

But given that 3rd gen chips have become massively popular I'm pretty sure the board you're about to buy, if new, will have already been updated to a version BIOS that's compatible with 3rd gen.
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