Question Updating AMD drivers on Windows 10, after reboot my monitor goes "no signal"

Nov 5, 2019
I needed to update on my Windows 10 PC the AMD drivers of my Radeon 7900 series, went to the AMD drivers page and chose to use the auto detect utility.
After installing the utility I chose the suggested driver and chose the option "clean install".
The utility goes on and remoes the drivers, then says it will reboot the PC to complete removal.

It does reboot (I hear some HD activity) but I get no video signal on my monitor from the Radeon; same thing if I switch the monitor cable to the motherboard GPU.
I retried rebooting a number of times but still no signal on either GPU

I can't do anything without seeing anything on the monitor, how can I recover the situation ?
I found many similar posts but none with exactly this situation.

I have an ASROCK Fatal1ty Z77 Performance Series motherboard.

I know that I should now try to make sure to remove completely the old drivers but I have no way to interact with my PC (cannot even see the Bios prompt at boot)

Thanks for any help
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