Question Updating My ROG Maximus VI Formula For i7 4790K

Mar 18, 2019
I've been having problems with my Maximus VI Formula. I had order an i5 4690K and returned it because I could not get the board to post with it installed. But now I found a killer deal on an i7 4790K, and I don't want to pass up on it. I have the latest bios for the board, and I thought it would add support for Haswell refresh CPUs, but that wasn't the case with the 4690K. Then I noticed a folder that is with the bios download folder called "BIOS_updater_for_4th_Gen_Intel_Core_CPU." (Win10 64). I downloaded the one called "MAXIMUS VI FORMULA BIOS 1603 and BIOS updater." I extract the "BIOS_updater_for_4th_Gen_Intel_Core_CPU" folder and found "Update.exe" in the V2.00.02 folder. I try to run it, but the yes button is blurred out, and it tells me to get the latest version of the Intel Management Engine Interface. I try to find the interface, but all I can find on Intel's website is the drivers for the Intel NUC.

What can I do?

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