Question upgrade a piece or 2 that i have, or start fresh?

Sep 23, 2020
so first off, i dont need the best of the best, but just want to run today's top games at a decent frame rate of atleast medium/high graphics... (probably hear that all the time.. lol) so i want to know if i can salvage pieces of what i have to save money... ect

currently am using a
hp elitedesk 4core I7-4770 @ 3.40 ghz,
(apparently) "miscellaneous" 1998 mother board
16gb ram (with option to add 2 more sticks)
intel hd-4600 gpu
250w psu
500gb ssd
a Walmart brand monitor at an alarming 60hz refresh rate that im running a vga to hdmi adapter for (i know, i know...)
a cheap logitech wireless mouse
and steelseries apex 100 keyboard

not to mention my case is SFF

my goal was to hopefully buy the nvidia 3070 - run a pcie adapter for it (it probably wont fit in the case)
and then get a new 144hz monitor (at the least) and then a suitable psu to power. then all my gaming needs shall be fulfilled. ;D
feel free to roast my <Mod Edit> lol
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Honestly, if the "bones" of the PC were good, I could see just slapping in a new GPU to delay a larger upgrade, but there are just too many problems here: weak and proprietary OEM PSU, prebuilt mystery motherboard, small form factor etc. The only thing really useful in a modern build, even a budget one, is likely the SSD. The PC's gone too far without meaningful upgrades to make either a minor change or an incremental upgrade to make much financial sense in the long run.