[SOLVED] Upgrade advice

Apr 29, 2019
First off I am appreciative for the help that you guys aided me with.
So I asked if I should buy a ryzen 5 2600 or a third gen after it comes out.

Now I am turning to the GPU so shall I get an RX 580 or wait for AMD's Navi GPUS?
We really don't know for certain how these cards will perform, how they will be priced or exactly what their release date will be at this point. Any details out there now can't be treated as anything more than rumors. AMD is expected to be revealing more information about their upcoming processors and graphics cards at an event around the end of this month, so it will likely be at least a couple weeks before more is known.

As for waiting, it's probably reasonable to wait and see what this hardware has to offer, unless you need to build a system immediately. Most likely, it will improve on what's out there now. Or at least to wait a couple weeks or so to get a better idea of when this hardware will be coming out.