Upgrade compaq cq5600f graphics card

Ha! Not true mouse you joker. Its very hard to recommend anything for you honestly graphic card wise. There are a few things that plague your system. I would say at this point it would be better to bucket upgrade your system. Putting money into a graphics card at this point is a poor value on your part.

CPU: Its a bit dated and slow for a graphics card of this generation
Memory: Your memory is dated DDR2 and you only have 2 gigabytes


Jan 28, 2013

We have upgraded processor AMD Phenom Quad-Core II and updated RAM from 2 to 4 gigs
Haha you are to right mouse. I knew what you were doing honestly. You need to supply more information for others to help you. Look at it from this stand point its like asking someone to make a pb and j sandwich with no instructions and no knowledge of what one is.