Question Upgrade CPU and MOBO?


Dec 1, 2018
I purchased a used prebuilt from CyberPower in 2018 and have slowly upgraded it over time to a custom build. I play at 1440p/144Hz and play a wide array of games, some more CPU intensive like Rust and R6. Some more GPU intensive like Squad, HLL, and Warzone. Disregarding the old parts, I have upgraded the various components thus far:
-GPU: Nvidia 3080 FE
-PSU: Corsair 850 Gold
-AIO: NZXT Kraken X63
-RAM: 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz DOCP/XMP
-CASE: Lian Li Lancool Performane Mesh
-STORAGE: Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVME M.2

My question comes in here, I want a CPU that will compliment my GPU and will not bottleneck. My current CPU is an I7-8700k delidded OC 5.0GHZ 1.35V. This is where I have found it somewhat stable where it won’t blue screen. My problem is that my motherboard is a rebranded one from CyberPower z370 Sli/Xtreme, an AsRock rebranding I believe, but this motherboard is very cheap quality and has not done well for the CPU OC and continues to have spikes in voltage and VRM cooling issues. I understand I don’t need to OC but the reliability of the MOBO is in question and I want to go ahead and upgrade the motherboard. That being said if I’m going to spend $150 or so on a 3 generation old motherboard I’d rather just upgrade to meet the requirements of a 3080 and bring my system around to being fully updated.

My thoughts were the I9-10850k as the price to performance is phenomenal and MSI A Pro z490 or z590.

I am open to other CPU recommendation as well as motherboard recommendations. Since I have 3600mhz RAM would I may be better served on a Zen chip which can use RAM clocked that high.
I am also very curious on the z490 vs z590 debate regarding 10th intel processors.

Lastly, I would wait for Zen 4/5 or Alder Lake but with rumors of cancellation, pushbacks, and the ongoing Silicon Shortage. I think I’m in a good place to go ahead and upgrade now.


I can find nothing wrong with your logic here. Not going to be a massive gaming improvement going from a 6 core intel at 5Ghz to a 10 core at, also about 5Ghz. But it will be some improvement in very fast paced high FPS games from the minor IPC improvements.

Ryzen 5800X or the 10850K are both excellent choices for gaming.

Z590 is a little pricey, but I don't think there is much point with a 10th gen chip. Find a nicely reviewed Z490.


Jul 27, 2016
Sometimes you can find a good deal on Z590, thats what I did. Running a 10850k. (great chip). The 10850k is 330 at MC currently which is a strong value for a 10/20 thread CPU IMHO.