Question Upgrade current Or go for "new" older version Asus

Sep 2, 2022

I own an Asus Zenbook I-5 / model UX410UQK
It came with 4gb memory with a 940MX Nvidia GeForce graphics card
I knew when i bought back in 2017 ( but ithink it is a 2016 version)
I live in Bangkok and bought it there.

I do not play FPS , RTS or Triple A Rpg type games at all.

I play almost exclusively turn based games ( matrix type games with small niche groups like War in the Pacific Admiral's Edition, Gary Grigsby's games WITE2, WITW but i also play XCOM Long War and Xcom 2 and phoenix point and a lot of CRPG games like Pathfinder and pillars of Eternity , and i play Civ v and vi. So you get the picture...i'm not an FPS guy.
But I have noticed that more and more games on steam turn based games even are with higher RAM 8 gb and above and my system can handle most but load times are longer and a frame will freeze a moment.

I found out about a computer i was looking at on youtube. It is the Asus Zephyrus ROG G14 and found out that there was a shop with an older model but new not used...just older version for a very good price, much cheaper than the 2022 version...Here are the specs: 14 in screen -AMD Rysen 7 4800HS -display FHD 1920 X 1080, memory 8G DDDR4 on board, SSD512GB M.2 NVMe PCle 3.0, graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, WINDOWS 10 Home

I looked up all the specs and even though this is a new older model, i liked what it i think with the SSD and the graphics card i can play easily the above games better. Plus it is upgradeable in RAM and SSD adding more storage. with my current UX410UQK ASUS ZENBOOK...I am able to upgrade both the memory and replace my HDD with an SSD . I checked the prices with Crucial and at shop here in Bangkok...obviously this would be a lot less than the new older version of asus zephyrus G14...which by the way would cost me about 1000USD but adding some memory would bring it up slightly.

But with my current laptop that graphics card is pretty much stuck at 940mx. I recently updated on Asus website to intel 560...but in comparing not much difference. But maybe just boosting RAM to 16 and especially putting in the SSD card ...maybe this really speed up my gaming so i dont get like freeze frames...but maybe not.

The new older version has a grip on me because i realize it is good value for the price especially since i dont play heavy moving around open world stuff..rpg or FPS..

Lastly ...its funny but i have learned that the grass is not always greener...I have grown pretty accustomed to my asus UX410UQK....oh yeah i should mention i have always liked my screen quality in movies etc..good color pop and my screen is black matted not glossy...this screen thing is a pretty important factor ...Now this new but old version ...what would be comparable to a decent screen quality in this says FHD 1920 X 1080, but i need to see the screen ..have not done that because its in stock but not on demo to see the screen right...what am i looking for as far as the screen goes like details resolution and color quality...whats good ?

So in summary...choice between upgrading older asus UX410UQK or buying new in stock but older version of the ASUS ZEPHYRUS ROG G14

What would you do?

I certainly know this is very subjective ...but i still would like to get your input....maybe a lot of you said they didnt like this older version of the G14...or maybe i should wait til the current price for the 2022 version comes down.

Yeah to add..this is about cost but i can afford high end even but i dont want this so im not scraping here.

Usually on one i hope TOM does at least.

Thank you and goodbye.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

For 2022, you should be on no less than 16GB of ram...yes the SSD will help with boot times. I'd try looking into upgrading the ram and storage on your laptop and see how things go from there. Also, if memory serves me, you should be able to retain the HDD in your laptop(if all you got equipped with your laptop was an HDD and not an SSD+HDD solution), just add an M.2 SSD into said laptop. You could swap the HDD for a large capacity SSD as well.

What would you do?
I'd get something new, only if what I was working with wasn't cutting my cake and upgrading the platform wouldn't net me any benefits except for spending money needlessly. Get my drift?
Sep 2, 2022
Thanks for your advice. Makes sense, yet i have a question.

So i upgrade everything up ...16gb memory and replace or add the ssd ...the fact that my 940mx graphics card which is old ..2016 ( and even when i updated graphics driver found out it is basically the same for my device) isn't this still an issue seeing as I cannot replace/upgrade my graphics the way i can with the ram and ssd added?

Meaning that the graphics card for the zephyrus g14 is better quality even for turn based games.

I guess the question i have...and im NOT knowledeable on

How much does graphics card vs. CPU or I-5, or I-7 vs. RAM I have, affect gameplay and or frame loss, and also Ghz ....don't know what that means and refresh rate which i kind of know what is.

How much does one outweigh the other in terms of my laptop running smooth on many games? And just as an purchasing a laptop?

Big arguments on rysen vs. Intel i read.

I know these techy graphic etc terms from being exposed to them ...but to be honest i don't know what they really mean in a "practical" sense and how they mesh .

So bottomline...having the 940mx nvidia old graphics card even with the upgrades done...does it matter a whole lot if I'm just playing turn based games?

Please explain in detail..but in laymens terms.
Much much appreciate