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Upgrade current rig, or build a new one???


Jul 5, 2013
Hi all,

I use my computer just for gaming and I'm getting to the point where it isn't running new games very well. I've had the computer for a few years and the only things I have upgraded in the past few years is the gpu and the psu.

I would just like some advice whether it would be better to start a brand new build or to just upgrade the GPU and HD?

This is my current rig:
i5-3570k @ 3.8
Gtx 770
Corsair cs750m PSU
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 ram 2 x 8GB
I have a an Asus mobo but not sure of the model?
1tb HDD

I'm thinking a gtx 1070 and a Samsung evo 850 500gb ssd as upgrades or this as a new build:
Msi gaming x Gtx 1070
G.skill ripjaw v series 16gb DDR4 ram
Maybe a new case
Use the same PSU
Msi z270 gaming pro carbon
Without a case this is around £900

The other thing is its making a kind of whining noise that comes and goes in a kind of rhythm, if that makes sense. Could that be the case fans or something worse? It's been doing it for a long time now.

Any help would be much appreciated I've never build a rig from scratch before!



Mar 15, 2017
I would reuse that Power Supply it should be fine, also the case depending on what it is if you think it's good enough for your needs/taste. Other than that i agree with CountMike, new build all the way! Hope this helps :)


Sep 10, 2016

Is the old rig a prebuilt or a custom build, or something else (like assembled by a store)? I would suspect that the whine would be coil whine, probably from your gpu, although perhaps from your PSU.

I personally think that doing something inbetween would be a good choice. Save money by re-useing your PSU, fans and the hdd, and maybe upgrade the case, dependent on if your current case is prebuilt or custom. Also you might want to wait a few weeks 'Till Ryzen 5 comes out, as that may be an option!

But that depends if you upgrade your CPU at all. Gaming doesn't require a lot of CPU horsepower. Unless your playing cities: skylines, or GTA V, your old CPU might be just fine (and that would save you from getting a new motherboard, RAM and CPU!) This is a rough comparison of the two, and, BTW, if your gonna do any video editing or other heavliy multi-threaded applications, it will probably be worth getting the Ryzen 1600x, a six core CPU coming out in a few weeks.

The comparison:

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