Question Upgrade Dell Inspiron or new desktop?

May 19, 2019
Hey guys, so I'd like to either upgrade my current Dell Inspiron 3847 or get a new one for gaming. Specifically for 3D and high demanding intense games like The Sims 3-4 on all expansions, World of Warcraft, Ark, Fallout, other simulation games, you get the picture. I however have no idea how to figure out part compatibility and what I'd specifically need. Here is my dxdiag for the Inspiron:

Does anyone believe this computer could be fixed up to handle gaming or if it'd be better to go the whole new computer route? Either one I'd like some recommendations as well. Thank you.
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I doubt anyone would call Sims 4 or 3 "high demanding" or "intense" hehe.

With that 4th gen i5 and 8 GB of RAM you should be able to get n nVidia 1050Ti card and be perfectly fine for gaming at 1080 resolution. Mostly due to the power supply in the system. If you want to spend another $50 on a power supply to get more FPS or higher settings you can swap it out and get an RX 580. Cost will be another $100 or so over the 1050 Ti but it's a faster card. Just make sure you do a BIOS update either way. This would be good for a PSU for a good price