Upgrade for Dell Inspiron 545 desktop

Jan 12, 2019
Hello and thank you for reading this message.

I would like to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 545. Nothing out of this world, just an up to date fast performing processor and extra RAM. The processor at present is Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5300 2.60GHz. The system is 64 bit operating system. The RAM is 4x 1GB DDR2 with reference / part numbers:
NG1GT64U88D0BY-AD 0943. TW
1GB 1Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-13-D1.800 (I think it's 800 at the end)

I believe I'd need 4x 2GB RAMs. Maximum RAM is apparently 8GB. Another forum suggests: Four 2GB DDR2 800MHz memory modules, Dell part numbers =
DW1P4 2GB,800MHz,256X64,256X64,Unbuffered,DDR2,240 Pin,Dual Rank,1.8v,Non-ECC
YG410 2GB,800MHz,256X64,256X64,Unbuffered,DDR2,240 Pin,Dual Rank,1.8v,Non-ECC
.......but I don't know if this is correct and it's probably out of date.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate CPU and RAM?

Thank you.


Since that CPU is 10 years old, there is such thing as "out of date" information since there is no "new" information on that system. If you see 8 year old info on the computer, that is current.

There is no "up to date fast processor" for a 10 year old computer although an Intel Q6600 or similar is quite a bit faster in modern programs.

Really what you should be doing is getting a used Intel Core i3 or i5 system for $50-100 instead of looking for upgrades to a really dead end system.

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