[SOLVED] Upgrade for Gamer PC.

Nov 26, 2019
Hi Guys!
I want to upgrade my components in my Gamer PC, as its old and getting low FPS in some games.
My question is, what should i upgrade? Or should i build a new pc instead? I am from Denmark, so fairly more expensive parts. My budget is $1200.

Current Setup:

Ryzen 5 1600x

CPU Cooler:
Deepcool Captain EX 120mm AIO

Zotac GTX 1070 8 GB

2x 8GB G.Skill AEGIS 3000MHz DDR4 (Running at 2133 MHz, overclocked made pc crash)

ASUS Prime B350m-K

240GB Kingston A400 SSD
2TB Toshiba P300 64/7200 HDD

Corsair TX550m - 80 + Gold

Corsair Spec-04 -grey

MonitorSetup (3 monitor setup)
1x 24.5" - 144hz curved AOC. Res: 1920x1080
2x 24" - 75hz AOC. Res: 1920x1080

Games with low FPS:
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. (high-max settings). Might be because of ram speed, but pc kept crashing on OC.
Escape from tarkov (beta game)

Monitor using style:
I Usually play games on 1x 144hz monitor, and use other two for Discord and Surfing.
But would be nice to play some games on triple monitors. Maybe Forza Horizon Games, as i have bought Logitech G29.

Budget is $1200. But i am willing to add another $100 if it will help.

Pc using style:
I will be running 3 monitors all the time
And be using pc for arround 7-10 hours every day. And game arround 5 hours every day.
I will not be doing editing.
Will be doing some coding however, as i am a Software-student.

Thanks in advance!


Ryzen 1 should handle 2666 MHz speed with ease, I think with 2 sticks it was also 2933.
try it out and reach out for manual if you still have the problem:

about upgrade you will gain most from 2 things
cpu bump to 3600/3800
I suggest 3700X
second thing would be NVME ssd, something like P1 its ~2GB/s one and cheap compared to anytihng faster.
Current ssd should be used either as game lib OR in storemi with that HDD. (some games will work badly from HDD as they depend on dynamic loading).
If you still will not be satisfied, 750W PSU & grab RTX 2080 TI (or wait for ampere, maybe they will have any good GPU that does not need 500W for itself.....)
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I agree with the above.

My personal thoughts on this would be to take a wait and see stance on what 3rd gen Ryzen is really like. If you can get your memory up to speed, mild OC on the CPU that is a banging little system for gaming on. I feel like your monitors refresh rate is a bit hopeful for the GPU you are running but don't think it would be worth upgrading that aspect as of yet. Honestly it appears that you have a well balanced system.
Nov 26, 2019
I would try to get the RAM running at full speed first. Do you have the latest BIOS? When you tried setting it to 3000 MHz were you enabling the XMP profile or just changing the frequency?
Yes i choose the automatic oc profile for my motherboard. It was DOCO or something. Cant remeber. Buy aftet i did that, game began to crash while i was gaming. BSOD and then turned off. When i reseg settings, no more crash



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