Question Upgrade for Mobo+CPU+Ram


Jun 11, 2012
My conversations with a AMD friend... if your intel tell me the equivalent ... if you also like AMD tell what you think there
if I were to get a AM4 upgrade
what motherboard, cpu, +32 gb of ram would you par up with a 2060 Super? 600-900. Significant improvement over my 4790K, Z97 LGA 1155 motherboard and 16 gb of DDR3 1600 Mhz ram.
I would think a Ryzan 7 of some sort
If Im understanding AMD boards right
Or B450
my 2060 Super is my 2020 card. I can live with it till next year when 3060 or 3070 are a year old.
video ram was what was killing me on my 980
have to consider if I want to sell my 980, z97, 4790K, 16 Gb Ram or keep it as a guest system. What do you think I could get out of it in a mini itx base? Money wise. Easy sell.
video card one year
Mobo+CPU+Ram the next year
thats the alternating stratagy Im going to take on upgrades. Moving up to a full sized case will help. Mini-Itx was intresting but limiting.
this is the case I got
going to fill it with nactua fans
2 140mm in front
1 120 mm in rear
2 140 mm on top
and a nice tower air cooler (suggestions for some kind of ryzen)
a X Ryzen is indicated... with all that airflow I should be able to get a bit of a boost over stock.
20% or so like my 4790K would be acceptable
depending on how things go I might even have money for a 3080 next year
Advice Please