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Question Upgrade for next 3 years, 3 years old system


Oct 6, 2014

My specs:
Asrock x370 mbo
Ryzen 1600
Gigabyte 1080ti Aorus
Corsair 16GB DDR4 @3000MHz
Corsair RMX 650W

I want to be able to play @ 144HZ in 1080p, but also pull off casual gaming on mid/maybe high settings in 1440p. I own both 1440p and 1080p monitors.
I did 3D heavy rendering before in 3ds max and vray, but I completely stopped doing 3D. Got a steady job for some time, no need doing 3D freelance anymore. I just game on my PC, with occasional video editing (rare).

I want the best out of my PC for next 3+ years, before getting a completely new rig.

My upgrade options:

1. Cheapest option:
Ryzen 3600, do BIOS update and slap it into x370 Gaming k4 mbo from Asrock.

2. More "future proof" option:
Ryzen 3700X

3. Also, considering Intel 9700k + MBO. Would this be worth for 1080p gaming?

What would you do? :)

Should I be afraid my GPU won't hold up the test of time over next 3 years, or you think I might be fine?

Also, considering 32GB of DDR4 with slightly faster clock speed. Would this be wise investement? If I go Zen2 route instead of Intel, should I perhaps update my MBO and get a new one?

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In my own opinion, would probably consider waiting a bit... Release of Ryzen 3 is "touted" to be by end of year which will make all (remaining) 2xxx and 3xxx processors go WAY low. If I were going to upgrade right this second I would consider a good x570 mobo just to be ready for 4xxx.
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