Question upgrade form z170 and 6700k to 10700k and z490 or to 11700 and z590?

Anti illuminati

Jun 26, 2015
hello guys my gpu is gtx 1080 and i play games. i am thinking that my mb and cpu are a bit old since i have them from 2015. i plan to upgrade them but i doubt between 10th and 11th since there is no noticable difference between 10700k and 11700k in gaming performance. and the price of 11th is higher. what do you think guys?
Look at the CPU compatibility chart and likely that the Z590 already supports the 10th gen. Many Z490 will also support 11th if you have a way to BIOS flash it. IMO if this is something you are planning to keep for a minute, do 590 for the 4th gen support on PCI

I opted to go with the Z590 motherboard and an 11600K, purchase a couple of days ago. The K skew are HOT, get a good cooler.