Question Upgrade from 16gb optane intel to 240 GB m.2 SSD in Ideapad 330 Lenovo

Aug 19, 2022
Hello all,
I have Lenovo Ideapad 330s-15ikb . It came with the 16gb intel optane module and 1tb HDD, aswell 4 gb ram . I want to upgrade computer speed by removing Intel Optane 16gb memory and instead of it, install 240 GB SSD M.2. Can i remove intel optane module without any risk and install m2 nvme ssd module, will new ssd will work without issues? ( intel optane is connected in m2 nvme interface )
I'd say you'll want to disable the Optane Memory in Intel Rapid Storage in Windows. Then make sure it is disabled in the BIOS afterward. Before installing the NVMe. After that you should be able to install the NVMe and clone your boot drive.

Just be sure to have a backup and Windows installer USB ready. In case something gets borked and you have to reinstall.