Jul 11, 2006
so I was looking around on newegg and was suprised to see that 2gb of memory costs about the same it did for 1gb last year when I built my system. I was wondering what sort of performance increase I would see in games such as oblivion, quake 4, and other next gen games. these games are playable on my system with high settings; would It worth the upgrade? or should i just upgrade to 2gb for half the price?


Mar 6, 2005
1 gig should be enough for almost any 3D game in Win XP.
You can upgrade to 3 gig an notice a small improvement.
Vista uses a lot of RAM, so the 3 gig will help you more then.

If you are not overclocking, then you don't need premium RAM.

I think you can get 1 gig of the same kind of RAM and run 2 gigs in Dual-Channel for a small speed improvement. (depends on the motherboar).
(or buy 3x1 gigs for a total of 4 gigs in dual-channel, if your board has 4 memory slots)

If your software is running good and there are no immediate plans to upgrade to Vista 64, then I won't bother buying RAM now.


May 31, 2004
I say sell both sticks and then buy 2 matching sticks of 1GB modules for a total of 2GB
Or he could keep the sticks and buy two sticks of 512MB for 2GB in dual channel. Or he could keep the sticks and buy two 1GB sticks for a total of 3GB in dual channel. I mean seriously how much do you think he is going to get for two used sticks of 512MB ram? Not much.