Question upgrade from 2200g to 5600g ?

Oct 18, 2021
Hello everyone, so i was wondering since im starting to perceive some sort of choppyness in my pc, generally when i browse stuff or open chrome/ apps on multiple monitors, what kind of upgrade should i get.
mainly i play esport titles very competitively so that is why i never got a dedicated gpu.
i was thinking is the lack of multi threading in my cpu since its only 4c/4t
I have a ryzen 3 2200g without a dedicated gpu
8 gigs of 2666 mhz cl16 ballistix in dual channel
a sata ssd and an m.2 gen 3 for windows (mostly)
600w psu
cpu is OC to 3.9 ghz and graphics to something like 1600 mhz, also ram to 2933

i was wondering if upgrading to a 5600g would give me generally more snappiness when i open multiple tabs on my monitors or whatnot ( i have 2 , one is on vga 60hz and one 144hz hdmi), even google spreadsheets sometimes take ages and is laggy for a good 10 seconds .
or maybe a ram upgrade to a 3200/3600 mhz cl16 16 Gigs instead of 8 is enough. ( not sure if 3200 will work on the 2200g, 3600 def not) .
i currently get a decent 100-144 fps in all the games i play so im not sure its worth going for a 260 eur cpu just for 40 fps if my entire system doesnt run much better overall.

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Motherboard is the most important piece of information here. Check the support page for the motherboard to see if Ryzen 5000 series chips are supported.

When using an iGPU the fastest memory possible is best. 3600 is a good investment, even if you can't manage to get it running at 3600 you might get 3466 or 3200 working.
oh yah, i have an asrock b450 m pro 4 , it should support 3200 but not sure about oc to 3600
2200g is your main problem regarding fast (3200+MHz) RAM, with 5600g should have no problem. 5600g's graphics are not much better than 2200g's, it's on level of GTX 1030/Rx 550.
Your other problem is "only" 8GB of RAM, Up 2 of which would be used by iGPU, up to at least 2.5GB on OS itself so you are playing with only about 4GB or less.