Question Upgrade from 3080Ti

Sep 26, 2022
Hi guys, so the RTX 4090 was introduced and I've had my RTX 3080Ti for about 11 months. It is a decent GPU. I have quite a dilemma, if I should upgrade or not? What about you? If you have RTX 3080 Ti or 3090, are you going to upgrade ? Nvidia promises 2x-4x more performance on RTX 4090.
I feel that my 3080Ti is obsolete now
I don't know if I would know the difference in games between 3080Ti and 4090. I also was thinking about upgrade to 3090Ti. What do you think? I wonder in your opinions.
One opinion by another user:

‘“If your gaming in 4k then you really have no choice since the 3080ti is trash at 4k in alot of games and can't even manage 60fps”


Mar 31, 2014
Feeling like you want or need to upgrade due to obsolescence is basically you falling victim to advertising.
New gpus are going to come out every single year and will always be better than the previous models. This goes for most technology products.

To save money, you should learn to be happy with what you have, unless it is actually not performing as you would like it. Are you not happy with the 3080Ti 's performance? Do you play in 4K? Do you run games at ultra settings?

I was told by numerous people and sources that the 3080 Ti, and even the 3080 are made for 60 fps at 4K. I am sure there are a handful of unoptimized games that may not meet this, but nonetheless, I highly doubt you need to upgrade, let alone spend $900+ more.
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Feb 4, 2007
the 3090 and TI can handle 60fps at 4k most games... You dont have to have them on ultra.... If you want to upgrade, few things you have to think about... the new cards will need an upgraded PSU most likely, 3 8-Pin connectors... I wouldn't trust the adapters as its kind of janky and could cause a fire.... (possibly). if you can sell your old one to put toward the new one it would help. Problem may be availability and price gouging both of which you know is going to happen for a fact. If you want better then pay for it, if you dont want to spend that much, then lower the game settings to medium/high and use what you have to see how everything plays out... Cant predict anything just yet...


That promise is directly related to ray tracing and DLSS, as usual. It does look impressive in their demos, to go from roughly 50/60 FPS at 4K and then get 100 or so with DLSS 3.0 turned on. Personally, I would just drop the settings a little to avoid the artifacting that DLSS causes.