Question Upgrade from 6700xt to 6800xt or 6900xt?

So this is the question. Currently using the following

AsRock ab350 pro 4
32gb ddr4 3200mhz
Msi mech 6700xt
Corsair rmx 850
using an Arctic cooling liquid freezer 2 for the cooler.

Considering around Christmas to upgrade gpu or platform. I don’t feel at this point to upgrade the platform to a newer cpu board etc is going to net me a lot of extra performance. Right now with gpu prices being down I’m considering to upgrade the gpu. Currently my local microcenter has these.

Going to keep my eyes open, but with next gen cards seemingly trending upward, wondering to sell my current gpu and pick up something like this. Thoughts?


Corsair rmx 850
How old is the PSU in your build?

I would actually look into a B550 chipset board alongside a dual channel tight timings DDR4-3600Mhz kit to get the most out of your platform, then pair that platform with an RX6900XT.


I would try and find some comparative video before shelling out that money on the platform for what will likely be a very meager uplift in performance. There are loads and loads of reviews that show RAM speed all over the place in relation to actual game performance (and quite specific to title).

Personally, might consider holding off until the 7xxx series releases and see what happens to the market as a whole. A couple of days wait on the release and possibly a month or so down the road before market changes should occur. I expect to see 4xxx series come WAY down after this event.
Good points. If I’m going to do a board swap it’s either going to be an i5 13600k and probably a b660 board or a 7700x and a b650 board since microcenter still is showing a deal for 32gb ddr5 6000 if I buy the cpu there. I could get the 7600x and 16gb ram there for 248, but I’m spoiled to 32gb now.

At this point for me I feel a b550 would be a waste personally, I mean sure pci e gen 4, but reviews I’ve seen seem to a minuscule difference. Not totally interested in nvidia offerings tbh unless they have some kind of deal I just can’t pass up. But the way they’ve acted with their pricing I’m not inclined to support them. I know it’s a ways out but interested to see if Intel comes out with an a880.

Thanks for the input. I’ll see as I get closer. If the zen 4 or Intel deals get to good I may just build again and sell my current stuff and keep the gpu for a few months.

Had forgotten earlier to say I’m using a 32 inch 1440p 165hz monitor that I got this past year so staying at that resolution a while. Truth be told the 6700xt does great at it now, but some of the deals have me thinking.