Question Upgrade from i7 6700k to Ryzen 5 5600x

Nov 6, 2020
Hi, I wonder if it would be good idea to upgrade from my i7 6700K paired with 2133 RAMs to Ryzen 5 5600x paired with 3200 RAMs. I play games, develop in MS Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea and I use some times Apache with Mysql for web developing. And I am planning to upgrade GPU from 1070 to 3070 or RX 6800
From strictly gaming, certainly the jump from only 4c/8t (6700K)to 6c/12t on the fastest architecture out there (most 5600 reviews show the 5600X about tied with 10700K, or even faster in many games) will make a noticeable difference in minimum/average FPS for many games; the proposed CPU and GPU upgrades to an RTX3070 (1070 is still fine at 1080P in most games, however) to a 2080Ti equivalent (3070) would likely result in a system with higher min FPS at 1440P than what you had at 1080P....

Only you can decide if your current rig is no longer adequate for what you use it for daily, and in need of upgrade, however. (As I primarily only play BF1 at 1080P/60Hz , my own 3.5 year old rig,(7700K at 4.7 GHz on a Z270/GTX1060) still seems as adequate at BF1 and surfing as it did the day I bought it; ergo, I will probably keep it for another year.,,at least.

Good luck in your upgrade, however; your proposed purchases sound logical and great if you decide you need them.
you would be getting a huge upgrade in performance there's no question about it. think of it like this, you can currently get lets say 80fps@1080p compared to 144fps@1440p in AAA games. Of course that's not a scientific comparison, just a little something think about when talking about the performance difference in the hardware. good luck


get at least 3600mhz of low latency ram if possible for best performance.


Apr 10, 2011
I also am in the same boat, and I think I would rather wait for AM5. AM4 is now on its last supported CPU, so I personally would rather wait for AM5 since I wouldn't need to change boards later if I wanted to upgrade. Regardless, the 5000 series will be a jump for you in performance though. I guess if you can get a good deal on a X/B500 or X/B 400 board then it could be a good deal. I also think AMD may release cheaper CPUs that will still perform super well.
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