Question Upgrade from Tecware Nexus M case?

Feb 4, 2019
Hello, I was thinking of upgrading my case right now as it provides less airflow compared to other PC case. My temps went up than before because I'm using a 144hz monitor now and using my component's full potential. I have to open up the front panel to get a nice airflow which was very effective.
About the fans I'm using, there are the stock fan of the Tecware case three of them on the front, 1 led airflow fan on the rear and 1 led airflow fan at the far top.
(These exhaust fans makes some weird airflow I think, the top exhaust fan exhaust air a bit weak than the rear exhaust fan.)

I'm using the RX 5700 XT GPU that gets pretty hot and requires airflow that it needs. I stressed the GPU with FurMark and got 90 degrees in less than 5 minutes.

I'm from Philippines and I don't know if the Tecware Nexus M is present In other countries.

I was also thinking of upgrading to a case that has a mesh front panel. The case I know is Rakk Haliya M.
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