Question Upgrade GPU advice

Oct 28, 2022

I need a little help / advice
I want to upgrade my GPU (for gaming) (~300 $) for the following system:

CPU: I7-3770 @3.4Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V
RAM: 16 GB (2x8GB 1600 MHz)
GPU: GTX 760 2GB
Source: Sirtec HPC-500-G12S
SSD: 250 GB
Monitor: 2560 x 1080

I know, it's an old architecture but I don't have another one and it does the job and to make a new one would cost me too much and I don't have the necessary budget.
I was thinking of an RTX 2060, although I will probably have some bottleneck. (~320 $ in my country)
But I saw that the RX 6600 is also quite good, although I had bad experiences with a card (AMD Radeon HD 6870, burned after 3 years), so I would lean more towards RTX. (~280$)

Probably for my system, from what I have documented, the GTX 1660 Super fits perfectly, but the price is not justified from my point of view (around 320$) and I would feel more relaxed mentally knowing that I have a card RTX 2000 series (future proof)

Basically, I want to squeeze as much as I can out of the current system for the next 3-5 years and then make another one from scratch, keeping the video card or get a PS5 and not have to constantly upgrade the parts.

Another problem I had when I got the GTX was that it was not recognized by the motherboard, so I did the last BIOS update.

Do you think I will have problems with that RTX? not to be recognized?
Do you think the source is ok?
If I wait until next year, do I make a better deal?
Or should I try the SH market? (around 200$) What are the risks?
What do you recommend?


Greg Salazar has a really good video out now discussing performance to dollar for this exact moment in time, based upon data he has been collecting for just over a year. According to him, the $100 980ti is the hands down best value GPU on the market right now.

In a case like yours, anything modern and mid to higher end is going to be handicapped by the age of the rest of your system. I would take into consideration what the window is going to be for replacing that, what your target performance is likely going to be, and consider a purchase with that in mind.
The other important aspect is going to be your current PSU. If it is as old as the other hardware it would be a great idea to consider replacing it alongside the GPU. An idea like that is likely to look a lot like ~$100 for a good PSU and the other $200 for a GPU. IMO, right this moment and even with the price drops we have been seeing the lower end market is not seeing the price drops and competitiveness that the higher end is.