Question Upgrade gpu on a lenovo v520

Oct 8, 2019
Hi! I have a Lenovo V520 with an i3 and a gt730 lp. I want to change my gpu with a 660ti but i don't know if the case can have it in. I almost upgrade my psu to a 180w for a 350 watt. The size of the case are: 14,5x28cm. I REALLY need a answer because i hate my gpu. Ps: Sorry for my terrible English but i'm from Italy
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It looks like you'll need another low profile GPU at the very least.

Also, I'm suspecting that the PCIe slot cannot supply the full 75W that most GPUs need (based on the fact that it doesn't have a proper 24-pin mobo power connector, that it comes with a LP GPU, and that the GT730 is a 35W GPU.). So presumably, you're only going to be able to drop in another GPU with a similar 35W TDP to what you've got. That's like a GT1030. Anything higher than that is a gamble (although you'd certainly want to get a better PSU if attempting that)
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If you go with a GT1030, buy the GDDR5 version if you can.

Can you confirm whether or not your is limited to a low profile GPU? Since you've already got a low profile GPU, it should be pretty apparent. Could you fit a card in there that's twice as tall (off the mobo) as the current one?
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