Question Upgrade GPU or build new computer?

Jun 25, 2019

I am somewhat of a novice but I built a computer around 5 years ago with an i7-4790K, 16GB DDR3-1866 RAM, GTX 780, 850W power supply, monitor is 1080p 60Hz. I have noticed some FPS drops at ultra/very high settings in some games and am debating whether to upgrade the GPU or just leave it, dial down settings, and build a new computer when things get really bad. My motherboard does not allow any better CPU so I was considering upgrading the graphics card to a 1660ti or 2060. Anything better seems like it will bottleneck. My question is whether a gpu upgrade is cost effective/will it give me a few more years or are the other components too old to justify it? I am fine doing 1080p at 60hz and I usually wait to play games when they are a few years old and less than $20. It seems like most current games run well on those cards at 1080p but are usually tested with better cpus and RAM. Thanks for your help.
I use that CPU with a GTX 1080 ti at 1440p and I don't get much, if any, bottlenecks.

You can go up to something like an RTX 2070/2080 and be absolutely fine at 1080p. However, those GPUs would be a waste at 1080p. An RTX 2060 should be more than enough.