Question Upgrade help


May 24, 2020
I was originally thinking of getting corsair rm650 but its too expensive (155e), i found another option - Evga Supernova P6 650w 80+ platinum, current pc:

i3 12100f - i plan on upgrading it to 13400f in the future
2x8gb 3200mhz
tuf gtx 1650 super - i plan on upgrading to rx 6600 or rtx 2060 in the future
h610m-a d4
Samsung 980 500gb
Like i was thinking about getting a stronger one
Stronger one for what? A system with 12100F and 1650 Super consumes about 200w max and a 13400F with RTX 2060 don't exceed 350w. Even a decent and modern 450w PSU is plenty.

EVGA Supernova P6 is a slightly improved Seasonic Focus Platinum inside and better than the original. A decent PSU that fits systems with videocards up to RTX 3070/4070.