Upgrade hp p2-1033w?


Nov 28, 2012
Hello all,

I'm still new to this, so please don't flame me.
I am wondering if I should upgrade RAM or figuring out how to speed up my HP model#p2-1033w? My cousins are telling me to scrap it, and just build a new one, but I don't really like tossing stuff out that is still good(just really slow actually).
If I can get decently better performance, than I would consider it worth upgrading, but if the components are just really that cruddy, then I probably won't. But you guys are the experts, so please chime in.

Thank You,
My personal take on this is that although your computer is severly limited, it still should have some life left in it. About your upgrade, according to HP's spec page for your system, you have win7 and 3GB of ram currently. Found here http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c03038381&lang=en&cc=us&taskId=110&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=5151858&prodTypeId=12454
Will there be any performance increase from additional ram? Possibly not. Again referring to the HP specs which says your system was shipped with 3GB of 10600 ram (DDR3 1333MHz) yet upgrade support is for

"Single channel memory architecture
Two 240-pin DDR3 UDIMM sockets
Supports DDR3 UDIMMs
PC3-6400 (800 MHz)
PC3-8500 (1066 MHz)
Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered
Supports up to 4 GB on 32-bit* systems
Supports up to 32 GB on 64-bit systems (with 16 GB UDIMMs)"

Which is basically saying that if you "upgrade" to larger capacity ram, you will have to do it at a lower speed.
Unless you get stuttering or freezing while working, I don't see an advantage to that.
My $0.02

From the online specs that system has a soldered on CPU and no expansion slots for a video card or anything else. Adding RAM will not help you much at all. Sell it and get a different system.