Question Upgrade Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 on laptop ?

Jan 9, 2021
My query is that I have a Fujitsu Amilo 1818 with an Intel core 2 Duo T5200 processor with socket 479 mPGA and I would like to change the processor for a better one, but the truth is that I do not know which one to choose, which one would you recommend? I have found this page....,Intel_LF80537GF0414M,Intel_LF80537GF0534M,Intel_LF80537GF0534MU/

and after spending hours and hours looking and comparing processors and from my most modest knowledge of the subject I think that some of these could be the right one but I'm not sure and I don't want to kill the machine, I also comment that I put an SSD and 2Gb of RAM .

I have tried to speak with fujitsu but I am still waiting for the answer, the same as from Intel that has not responded for several weeks that I contacted them.

Thank you.


There is almost no way to know if a CPU will work in your laptop because compatibility is more than just the socket type. Even if the CPU fits the laptop motherboard and/or BIOS may not work with it.

Buy a used newer system for about $100-150, upgrading such an old system is a waste of time and money. Lots of used i3 and i5 based laptops for that price around.

Past that, either do a web search for your model and see if anyone upgraded it and wrote about it, or cross your fingers and buy a CPU of the same socket and see if it works.
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