Upgrade my ram? what is best ram for me?


Jun 27, 2010
I currently have 8gb of ram corsair xms ddr3 ram in my computer it is 4 sticks of 2gb. wondering if i should get 12 or 16 gb of ram? I do a lot of multitasking. have a ton of webpages open all the time and stream alot of videos. I also play video games like battlefield 3, starcraft 2, and call of duty. I notice sometimes i lag in starcraft 2 in large battles (may due to graphics card i have xfxx 6870) and also when i have alot of windows open and am streaming multiple videos it get delays and lag it moving or opening new windows. I just want to know how much ram i should add or what i should do to help maximize my multi tasking speed.

I use an intel i5 processor, with a gigabyte motherboard i believe its in my tag. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please use newegg or amazon for links so i can see specs. thank you!
Newegg has a shellshocker deal right now; I use this ram in all four slots, but mine is 1333. Order two sets of these sticks for $76. They will run well on your gigabyte board. You can sell your old ram on craigslist. Just go to newegg's home page and check the shellshocker special; my link isn't working.