[SOLVED] Upgrade my RX 570 to 1650Super/1660/RX 590?

Dec 13, 2019
Hey guys I’m looking to do something nice for myself for the upcoming holidays. I’m relatively new to PC building and ever since I got my first build in April of this year, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’m havin trouble deciding on a good upgrade for Christmas.

right now my build looks like this:
Ryzen 3 2200G
MSi Twin Frozr II RX 570 GPU
8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
Thermaltake 500W Power
MSi B350M Motherboard

I like gaming so I want to get an upgraded experience but don’t want to spend too much, so I chose the newly released 1650 Super (heard there is also a better 1660 variant in this tier that I wanted to choose instead) and the RX 590. Which one is better? The processors I’m considering are the Ryzen 5 line (help me choose one!). I don’t know much about which intel CPU would work good as an upgrade in my current build so if you know any I appreciate anything!

will I also need to upgrade my motherboard if I chose to upgrade both my CPU and GPU? Which motherboards will be good in this setup?

to top it all of, is it recommended to use a cooler? Cooling is probably the category I’m least educated on as when I initially bought my build, it had no cooler and I haven’t bothered to ever get one.

thanks in advance!


CPU is still relatively good. GPU upgrade would be somewhat minor without spending more. Which is your best path to better gaming performance, you can conceivably run anything up to a RTX2070 Super or 5700XT without much trouble, might have to take a closer look at the power supply, Thermaltake isn't well known for having good low end products.

You can't switch to Intel without changing out the motherboard, and to get a CPU better than what you have, would set you back around $250, let alone a motherboard.

But before you do any of that, you have to establish a goal. What resolution and FPS output are you wanting in what game?