Dec 2, 2007
This is my current spec :
Q6600 B3 @2.4 ( I dont do overclocking)
ABIT AB9 965
4GB OCZ PC6400 CL4
Gigabyte 8800GT 512MB
SB Audigy

this spec is mainly for gaming/browsing @ 1440x900. I dont have plan to replace my lcd, so ill stick @ 1440x900.
I have $300 for upgrading this spec, which part is most important to replace?

Thanks for help

3Ghz on the Q6600 is totally reasonable.

That's a FSB of 333, and should not involve much of a voltage boost.

Why not just get the motherboard I listed and overclock the quad? You'll see a nice boost and spend less, and the worst that will happen is that you'll burn up the Q6600... but that's not too likely. Just follow basic guidelines found over in the overclocking section.

Grab this cooler and paste:

Then, when you see how easy and safe it is and decide to do it again on your next CPU, you'll have what you need as well.
I would say you can get started with the ACF7. It's only slightly better than stock, but you'll be watching your temps closely anyway.

It was considered an excellent cooler at one time, but there have been a lot of advances in recent years. This is just off the top of my head, but I think the differences in core temps between the two coolers is around 6C... a fairly big chunk.

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