Upgrade now, or wait a few months?


Sep 14, 2001
I'm debating on whether or not to upgrade rightn now. I don't desperately need a new comp this moment, and therefore wonder if something worth waiting for is coming out within the next few months.

I've been leaning toward:
mobile 2500+
nforce 2 board
2 hdd's in raid (not sure if I want to do sata or not)
at least 512 ddr pc3200
Wait a few months. Prices for new tech will drop (i.e Nvidia 6800 / ATI X800, NF3-250), also the new socket 939 will be avalable. Wait!

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If you are pretty much set on getting the system you mentioned, dont wait. The video card you mentioned is at a great price, even for a midrange card (which it has become) and the rumour mill has it that the xp-m chips are to be discontinued. It is a great setup, overclocks to top perf, and may not be around in a couple of months. Prices are not likely to go much if any lower.