[SOLVED] Upgrade old pc

Nov 15, 2018
I'm trying to upgrade my old Dell PC by getting a graphics card but I do t know what would be compatible with the motherboard as far as I know it's a g41t-dm or a Dell Inspiron 537
Ok. In my humble opinion, your system is not worth the effort of a new graphics card for the following reasons:

- CPU background usage during test was 55% (i.e. the test results were affected by either too much software running on the system, or the hardware is struggling to cope with the demands of Windows 10

- RAM amount: 4GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for Windows 10, but it leave little room for other things (and especially games). That's the maximum RAM for that system too, so upgrade not possible. Presumably the onboard gfx is leeching some of the RAM too, and while a gfx card would alleviate this, adding more kit to this system alone won't help it.

Your CPU, RAM and HDD are all slow, compared to their expected averages. I would put a quid on this being in part down to Windows 10's demands (hungry background services and processes), and possibly other software.

My advice is to go about disabling all non-essential Windows 10 apps, processes, services and scheduled tasks first, and any non-essential other startup processes, such as added toolbars and so on.

Next, set a fixed swapfile and set the minimum to 4096MB (4GB), and the maximum to 8192MB (8GB). That ought to reduce some HDD swapfile activity.

If I were serious about keeping that system, I would add a 250GB SSD for boot drive, setup similar tweaks to startup and swapfile, and try to get more speed from the read/write aspect of the system. That would probably reduce a whole heap of load on the RAM and CPU. If so, then maybe add gfx card, such as a GTX 1030.

For what it's worth, I've compared a low-budget, entry-level system with your old HDD included...versus your current system:


PCPartPicker Spec (UK linked; you can change to US or whatever country you prefer at the top right)