Upgrade Options for Laptop Core i3


Jul 23, 2009
So I am about to buy a new Toshiba laptop: http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/cdetland.to?poid=467352

While I know the Core i5 is quite a bit better than the i3, at the moment I don't see needing more power than the i3 offers. I will be doing C# developing and web browsing.

I was assuming that eventually the core i5 laptop processors would be available direct to consumers and I could upgrade then, am I right that this should be viable?

Also, I was wondering whether it's possible without extreme modifications to add in discrete graphics in a couple of years as well?

Thanks for any help,
i dont see it being a problem considering they offer both the options there on the site im guessing that means the one you get will support those options but laptops are hit or miss with upgrades IMO get it now to save the aggravation later