Question Upgrade options - Legion Lenovo y520

Mar 23, 2020
Hi guys, I need help. In more ways than one, although lets start with the PC!

I currently have a Legion Y520 Tower PC and looking to do an upgrade as want to render on blender quicker.
I've been using Cinebench to test out builds

Specs are i5 7400 @3.00 GHz Kaby Lake

65W Max tdp
Socket1151 LGA
2.035 core voltage
southbridge b250
PSU is awful like 280w - id upgrade to 450-750 after IK?
GTX 1060 3GB

1 x 8gb stick (ddr4-2400 (1200MHz) <- swear that's low?
16GB intel optic

Ram I want to just add exactly the same 8gb stick in - then I realised speed was slow so just thought get 2 new 8gbs
is an i7 7700k worth the upgrade as think I can just swap and wont bottleneck a 1060? Cinebench score is double current
Is amd cpu and motherboard upgrade just a better option?? I think I lose the 16gb extra intel ram but don't know if that effects rendering :p
Was thinking 8 cores may be worth it as only have 4 atm?
Is there a guide or video on these style MBs?