Upgrade? or Scrap and buy new?


Sep 23, 2012
About 3 months ago I posted a question in the New Builds forum. They helped me by telling me that they recommended that I upgrade my PC. Here is what I currently have. Heres the link http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/364173-31-build-custom-gaming-upgrade-have

HP p6203w
4gb ram
500 gb HD
AMD Athlon (tm) IIx2 215 processor (2.70ghz)
I have a NVidia GeForce 7800gt installed in the PC.

Now, I am going to try to be as specific as I can. I currently own an Android tablet (Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet). I want to purchase a Windows 8 tablet (not RT version). I have been looking around and I was leaning towards a ultrabook (as I want something that has a keyboard as a stand. Looking for something that is more like a convertible.

On Monday I was playing League of Legends, and my monitor flickered off then back on twice..then it just stayed off. I tried to reboot and nothing. Finally I shut it down took the GeForce 7800gt out and hooked into the onboard video card with a VGA (my monitor is a HP 2009m 1600x900). Anyways after I finished the round of League I shut my computer down and tried to figure out if maybe the Nvidia just needed to cool down.

I tried to put the card back in and the computer turned back on but nothing showed on the screen. I wanted to get on the internet and check around to see if I could find any advice. When I took the card back out and hooked back into the onboard..nothing happened the PC didn't turn on at all. I tried a different PSU (which I think is faulty) and i hit the power button, the PSU turned on then shut back off. I put the original PSU back in and nothing happened when I hit the power button.

This caused me to believe it had to be the PSU was bad. I took it to a PC Repair shop and the guy tested the original PSU...he said everything looked fine to him when he tested it. He did tell me that it is possible that maybe theres just not enough juice to power up the PC. When I pluged the cord into the Original PSU I do hear like a faint buzzing sound..but thats it.

I am not sure if I should buy another PSU or if the problem is deeper. The repair man said that it could be the motherboard, video card or PSU. I don't think its the video card because I used an after-market and the onboard. Also when I got home with the Original PSU I hooked it up again..again nothing happened. I hooked the other one up (that I thought was defective) this time it turned the computer on I was able to get on the desktop & internest. However, after about a minute the monitor flickered three times then just shut off.

Ok so now you know the problem, heres my question.

Should I just spend the $400 that I am planning on spending to upgrade the PC on upgrading it with a new CPU, PSU and Video card (as suggested)? Or should I just take my tablet money (about $700) and add it with my PC upgrade money ($400) and just get a $1000 - $1200 ultrabook/laptop?

I want to be able to play games (on high) and edit HD videos with sony vegas, I think I need like a i5 or i7 (you guys feel free to tell me if this is wrong). I would also like a touch screen, and a convertible. I am ok with say using the laptop/ultrabook as like the PC and say hooking into a HDMI monitor, along with a usb mouse and playing games that way if something like that is possible. I know getting something that can do all of that is probably going to cost me more than my price range..but I just don't know. I am looking to buy within the next month or two. I

Thanks and I really hope I posted this in the right forums..Sorry if I did not.


Nov 28, 2012
Disadvantages of branded system: Branded systems only give 1year warenty,Assembled system give 3years warenty (2year extra warenty compare to branded).
branded systems give limits for users examples: 1:limited sata ports ,2:low space for extra hdds ,3:upgrade processor also not supported (many processors) because of branded system bios. 4:upgrading gpu also not supported (many gpus )because of branded systems psu and bios limitations. 5:if u r linux user don't spend money for ms os and softwares. etc.....