Question Upgrade or wait?


Nov 10, 2019
I have had a 1060 6gb for about 3 or so years now and I wanted to upgrade to a 3060ti but I could never get one unless I bought it from scalpers. But now I can get one and its even better because msrp is way down due to the cryptocurrency crash and stuff like that. But I just ask is it even worth it because prices may get cheaper and the 40 series might come out soon; but yet even if I waited for 40 series I would run into very low stock and even if I got one I would need to upgrade big time. I'm just wondering is it even worth buying a 3060 ti right now, would it be a worthwhile upgrade for my money or should I just wait longer to maybe see prices go down more or the 40 series cards to release. Thanks for the help.

my build:

Card I might get (I'm down to getting either one of these, I don't know which one would be better):
-First option:
-Second option:



Is there something that your 1060 6GB is doing or not doing that is causing a problem?

Unless there is some specific need or requirement for a 3060ti then stay with what you have.

Key is to determine what you need versus what you want (or believe you want/need).

Your build lists a 550 Watt Bronze, certified PSU. Not sure about what "certified" may really mean.

Take a very close look at the power requirements for any GPU being considered.

That all said , then my answer is: If all is well with your current build then wait.
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The 40's are likely to cost more and you will need to take a close look at specs, performance, requirements and so forth. The 40's may not prove that much of an advantage but I will defer to others who follow such things.

So that leaves "until the 30's get cheaper".

Not sure how long the wait may be so that begs the question: what is your budget for a 30's GPU?

You may find the following link from within this Forum helpful:

There may be other ideas and suggestions posted as well.