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Question Upgrade path for improved Lightroom performance and next-gen GPU

Jul 12, 2020
My plan is to upgrade to the 1k-ish GPU when the next nVidia generation launches.

The current build is here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MKdZYH
i7 8700//24 GiB DDR4-2400//RTX 2070//2 NVMe M.2 and 2 SATA SSDs, 1 HDD//500W PSU
My display setup consists of two 4k monitors.

The computer is used for gaming (FPS and simulation), photo editing in Lightroom Classic and virtual instruments (MIDI via Cubase).

My questions to decide which components to change together with the new GPU:
- How can I improve the perfomance in Lightroom? I tried saving the photos on a SSD but it hardly changed anything (system and catalog files are stored on a NVMe M.2 970 Evo Plus). What bugs me is the delay from showing a rough preview to the sharp resolution which is quite long (60 MP Sony RAWs). As well as some panorama photos disappear into grey when zooming in to 1:1 scale (we're talking about 100 megapixels and up in RAW format). I tried to investigate the bottleneck, but all I see is a maximum CPU usage of the equivalent of 1-2 cores at 100% load and quite some RAM usage but never above 12 Gigs. Exporting photos will result in 100% CPU usage and up to 18 Gigs occupied RAM, but is fast enough for my taste.

- As the CPU should be still okay for upcoming games (and the new GPU) and I tend to stick to Intel the available alternatives are not really worth it, aren't they?

- For the MIDI patches take up quite much RAM capacity I would like to upgrade to the maximum possible. In this combination it would be 64 Gigs of DDR4-2666 (limited by 8th gen i7) - right? Is it worth buying 3200 MHz or more for the future? And are there any downsides regarding gaming when switching to another platform which would allow even more RAM?

- while the current system is at about 400 Watts maximum the new GPU will break the limit of 500 W. In recommended builds I see PSUs of 750 W and more - do I actually need something like that or how much power will suite my setup?

Thank you very much in advance
and greetings from Hamburg (GER).