Question Upgrade PCIe flash storage from 256GB to 1TB (macbook pro, retina, mid 2015)

Feb 11, 2019
I have a Macbook pro, Retina, mid 2015, 2.2 GHz 256GB PCIe-based flash storage, and want to upgrade to 1 TB.

Can someone please recommend some options I have? I was only told that I should be looking for NVME or M.2, 1TB flash storage, but I don't know what brand or other specifications I should be aware of. Am I looking for PCIe-based flash storage or SSD? I do not know how to install this, so does anyone know which apple store in the bay are would be willing to install it for me for a fee?

Thank you for helping me out.

m.2 is a standard PC form factor for SSD, but Apple being Apple they ignore this and go with their own proprietary form factor. "Form factor" is combination of size and shape, in this case referring specifically to the connector between the card and the board. NVMe just refers to a way of communication between SSD and CPU, not a hardware form. Apple SSD only support Apple's implementation of NVMe.

You need an SSD upgrade specific to Macbook Pro mid 2015.
Also, many Macbooks use special torx or pentalobe screws (as opposed to standard phillips head) to hold the bottom base and/or other components in. Macbook screwdriver sets can be bought (an upgrade kit may even contain them) and you can YouTube guides to the process if you're up to trying it yourself.

keep in mind, to do it yourself: unplug the battery first, right after you remove the cover and before doing anything else. Then, the new SSD is usually shipped blank which means you'll have to either do a fresh install and then move your stuff from old drive to new using an external enclosure, or attempt to clone the drive.