Upgrade processor optiflex 745 dell

peter III

Jun 3, 2010

Anyone can give advice about my Dell Optiflex 745 Intel Pentium D, i want to upgrade to make its faster.


Peter III
Adding matching RAM with the correct speed will help. Please keep in ming that Windows XP can address only a max of 4 GBs of RAM (DDR2 I think).

If you really want speed and powr (for games, processor intensive programs) then do consider a computer with Intel's Core series of CPUs or equivalent.
Agree with canadian - start by looking at the specs from the model # and serial #

You can add RAM if you have 4 RAM slots or replace the existing RAM with higher capacity RAM if you have 2 slots.


Jul 24, 2009

Well, you maybe able to upgrade the cpu to a max of core 2 duo 6700 series with the latest bios from Dell, although even that cpu not made anymore so you'll have to go to ebay to get a better cpu.

Although I would recommend you upgrade to a new system while only reusing some parts of the old computer like ram.

It much less of a headache and if you look for future upgrading (like your looking into upgade part in your system now), AMD system would fit you perfectly as (the trend for now at least ) newer cpu's can run on older sockets. (AM3 socket cpus (Phenom II, Athlon II, ect) can run on the older AM2 and AM2+ sockets.)

For what we know A.T.M, AM3+ or AM3r2 (final name of the next socket is not confirm yet) socket cpus is going to be compatible with AM3 sockets.

So it's up to you what you what you want to do. Go to ebay, get a cpu from there, and hope it works or build a new computer.

Actually it's only 32bit windows xp that can address 4GB. The 64bit variant can support all the way up to 128 GB ;)


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