Question Upgrade Question - RTX 2080 to RTX 3090 Ti or RTX 3080 or wait for RTX 4XXX


Nov 1, 2009
I have an RTX 2080 and an i5 10600k. With GPU prices settling down and RTX 4XXX around the corner, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Here's the short of it.

If I buy an RTX 3090 Ti (which will be close to RTX 4XXX in terms of performance) I could sell my 2080 for around 350.00 to 400.00. If I do this now. The longer I wait, the RTX 2080 will be worth less when I sell it.

I don't want to upgrade my CPU and MOBO to accommodate an RTX 4XXX card, even though a RTX4XXX card will retail, I hope, close to MSRP, which is close to the cost of an RTX3080, or RTX3090 Ti (if on sale)

So here's the question. Do I upgrade now to an RTX3080 or RTX3090 Ti and sell the RTX 2080 for as much as I can get for it in the market right now?

Or do I just wait until the RTX4XXX series comes out, which will cause the RTX3XXX to get even cheaper, but my RTX 2080 will also be worth less when I go to resell it.

I'm kind of thinking the RTX4XXX is so ahead of its time, I don't think games in 2023 or beyond will max it out. But if I get a RTX4XXX card, I will for sure likely need to upgrade my CPU and mobo to match it correctly. An extra 400 or so I don't want to spend.

Please help me make this decision. I'm at a loss.
Hey there,

Well, start by listing your current specs, including PSU, case etc.

Your system although pretty decent, (your CPU) will hold back some of the stronger cards you're looing at.
In addition, you may very well require a PSU upgrade to take some of the higher transient power spikes that these stronger cards have, and can result in over current protections will kick in and restart your PC. These power spikes are likely to increase with RTX4xxx cards. So it's really something you have to consider.

The RTX4070 is rumoured to be about the same level performance as an RTX3090.


If you have a need now, go ahead and upgrade to a 3080 class card now.

Nobody knows the price/specs of the upcoming 4000 series cards.
They are likely to be launched first at the very top end with a high price, limited availability and early adopter pricing. Expect scalpers to snap them up.
If the past is any indication, you will be waiting for 6 months or more to get a good price/performer,

You have already missed the boat on reselling your 2080;
They sell for perhaps $300 on ebay.


i7-11700k or i9-10850k is certainly an option without a complete upgrade.

I'm pretty satisfied with an i9-10900F and a 3080Ti, only a few percent slower than, say a 12th gen or Ryzen 5000 chip.

If the clock speed rumors are true, the 40 series should have significant IPC increase, but I am a little worried about the huge decrease in bus width. It will be interesting to see what effect that has on things.