Question Upgrade RAM or CPU?


Mar 8, 2018
I just copped that nice 3070, so I'm thinking, should I upgrade my ram from 16GB to 32GB or go from i5 9600k to i7 9700k? Or should I not do either? I kinda wanna futureproof the cpu in a sense.
Also, right now I only got 600w which is alright for probably a few days (until I get payed, then imma get a focus GX 750w).

EDIT1 : Getting a 9900KF. Thank you all for your input! <3
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I would say the 9700K is a more tangible improvement.

Use a software monitoring tool to monitor how much system RAM is being used in your various tasks to determine whether you need more than 16GB RAM.

As long as the PSU is decent quality, 600W should be fine.
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I would wait and see how you do with the 3070.
Both proposed upgrades are valid only if one or the other is a limitation now.

16gb of ram is usually plenty. True ram shortage will show up as a hard fault page rate in task manager
And, adding 16gb ram is not 100% guaranteed to work properly.
Ram must be matched, that is why it is sold in kits.

On the processor, again, what you get with a 9700K is two more threads.
The top clocks will be similar.
Extra threads may be helpful if you play multiplayer games with many participants.

Good pick on the psu.
A top quality psu is a good long term investment. The seasonic focus is a very good upgrade there.
A power supply does not go obsolete quickly. 10 year warranty.
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Not knowing the games you play, you can try this test to see how sensitive your games are to the number of threads you have.
You can do this in the windows msconfig boot advanced options option.
You will need to reboot for the change to take effect. Set the number of threads to one less than you have.
This will tell you how sensitive your games are to the benefits of many threads.
If you see little difference, your game does not need all the threads you have.

I have proposed this test before, but, for whatever reason, I never get feedback on the results.
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