Upgrade Recommendations...


May 10, 2009
Hey guys,

I have a Gateway FX 6800-01e with:

Intel i7 920 processor @ 2.66 Ghz
Seagate 750GB 7200 rpm Harddrive
3gb DDR3 RAM @ 1066 mhz
ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4890 1gb DDR5 Video Card
Windows 7 64bit

games I play:

Company of Heroes
Fallout 3: New Vegas
Portal 2
Oblivion IV
Civilization V
Crysis 2

I wanna know what you guys would do to my machine and what you would recommend upgrading.... I want to load faster and have better performance for gaming...... but mostly concerned on loading times and performance

thanks again guys and gals!
Loading time = fast hard drive.
(1) You can buy the fastest spinning hard drives really cheaply now. In windows device manager you can see the exact model hard drive used then google it to see how fast it is. If it is not a speed demon then $100 will get you a great hard drive.
(2) You can build a RAID ARRAY with two disk drives. Loading time is mostly reading from disk. The motherboard on your PC supports a RAID 0 disk array -- disk striping. You could add a second (fast) hard drive and build a RAID 0 array using the data from your current hard drive. (Google "Intel® Matrix Storage Manager") This would spread the chore of reading data over two disk drives really cutting your load times. ** This is the approach I'd use.
(2) How much memory do you have?? If only 4GB consider dropping in another couple of GB. I use 8GB (came with system) and find that windows pre-loads the apps I normally use. This would not help you for loading levels in a game, but would help the game startup.
(3) SSDs are the ultimate startup time fix, but now you are talking $500+ to hold modern games. That's a lot of money.


Sep 30, 2009
GPU: Would switch to a 6850. It uses around the same power full load but sips less power at idle. It has better temperatuer and noise level. You have a 500W psu which will be able to handle the 6850 just fine.

RAM: Would upgrade to 3x2GB to get 6GB which is enough. I'm triple channel is supported and that you are actually using 3x1GB at the moment.

HDD: Would keep the one you have. If you want to opt out for another hard drive I would go for the Samsung Spinpoint 1TB 7200RPM at 60.

You can also purchase a 60GB boot drive to hold your OS and some of your games. 60-64GB SSD can be found for around $100 up.