Question Upgrade suggestion for small gaming PC


Jul 15, 2008
Currently gaming on:
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
Core i5 9600k
RX 5700 XT
1440p @60h
I do all of my general work on a Mac.

The problem is the case. I am going to be spending the summer in an RV and a tower just won’t cut it. I’m also tired of having this giant thing sitting next to my Mac Mini. I have no interest in overclocking or liquid cooling. Just want to move it into the smallest case I can and still get current performance. My next monitor upgrade would likely be to 4K @60 h, but I’m happy at 1440.

I know I will need a new MP and PS. May be willing to go ahead and upgrade CPU since I will be getting a new MB.
Check to see if a Rajintek Metis would fit the footprint you are looking for. I currently have that case with an R7 1700, GTX1080 (dual fan) card.

RAIJINTEK METIS PLUS BLACK, a Alu. M-ITX Case, is with one 12025 LED fan at rear, USB 3.0* 2, Ventilate holes at top, Compatible with Standard ATX PSU, 170mm VGA Card length, 160mm CPU Cooler heigth. -

It can be built with a full size ATX PSU, however you do yourself no favors if it isn't fully modular. I opted to go with an SFX. The full size GPU required me to remove the optional drive tray and you have to remove the front USB and headphone ports. It will run quite warm with the plexi/glass side panel it uses. In my own case I removed that and replaced it with a piece of critter cage grill. With the rear fan pulling in and the Noctua on top it works quite well keeping things cool now.
^ Nice price on that. I have utilized that case as well as some of the DIY PC branded cases in that $20-25 range. The Rosewill was far more solid feeling than the DIY PC ones. The latter were about as solid as a disposable turkey pan while they were apart.
If you decide on that Rosewill be super careful of the edges inside. They ARE sharp.