Upgrade suggestions from i3-4150

Sep 28, 2018
Hi guys,

I need some suggestions to upgrade my processor. My spec is given below.

Processor: intel i3 - 4150
MoBo: Asus H81M-CS
RAM - 8Gb
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 ti

I feels like there is a bottleneck while using i3. Do you think i can just upgrade the processor to fix it without replacing other components?

If yes, which processor is better? It would be really helpful if I can get suggestions on all budgets.

N.B: planning to use emulators

Thanks in advance
Some games need a quad core, 4 cores/4 threads. Those games are being held back by your CPU right now. An upgrade to an i5 4xxx would fix that.

Some games will use MORE than 4 cores/4 threads. If you play, or intend on playing, those games, you'll want an i7 4xxx.

The 1050 Ti is suitable for 1080p gaming, although not always at high or ultra settings.

So then it depends on the games you play.